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Eagle Nest Camera Featuring Handcock Wildlife's Sidney Nest

Every spring since the original 2006 streaming web cam of the Hornby Island Eagles, anyone who wants to can tune in to watch and hear what is happening in an eagles nest.  I must say I got hooked watching the Hornby Island Eagles. I will spare you the details but it was amazing to watch these magnificent birds.  

I just saw on the news that the Eagle Web Cam is back and is focused on a nest in Sindney BC.  I hope you will take a minute to tune in and see the newly hatched chick.  To be able to watch this on your computer is truly a gift.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to watch the mom and dad switch watching the nest, or maybe you will be able to see that new little chick poke its head out from under the eagle parent that is sitting on it. 

Happy Eagle Watching!


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